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At the end of each month, we provide a list of finance-related articles to help keep you informed about the hot topics in finance. Here are some of the best articles we read in the month of November.

Salaries Soar for Doctor’s, So Why Aren’t They Happy? (Medical Economics)
“Lurking behind the pay hikes is a nagging unease about Medicare’s recently-announced reimbursement changes and a sense that medical salaries have a ceiling that’s difficult to break through, while pay in more entrepreneurial and tech fields seems to be surging.”

The Coming Public Service Loan Forgiveness Bonanza: (Brookings)
Recent data has led to a significant upward revision in the projected costs of the PSLF program. Policymakers opposed to the program are now arguing for forgiveness limits and the elimination of income-based payment caps.

My Retirement Mistake In Residency: (Investing Doc)
Given tight budgets, and large amounts of student loans, retirement saving often gets overlooked by residents, and new physicians. Prior to making the decision to put off funding, be sure you educate yourselves on all that you will miss out on.

Mental Scar Tissue: (The Irrelevant Investor)
A critical aspect of successful long-term investing is being able to prevent the buildup of “mental scar tissue” that often originates from negative investing experiences. We must understand the importance of identifying each buy-or-sell decision as an independent event, and not let ourselves be influenced by regrets from previous decisions.

A Tale of Two Investors: (Bps and Pieces)
“Evidence-Based Investing is a disciplined approach to asset management that combines the data we have from the past and present with honesty about the unknowable future.” Are you an evidence-based investor, or a conventional investor?

Investing Taxable Money In Active Stock Funds? Bad Idea: (Morningstar)
A vast majority of active equity funds fail to beat the index they seek to outperform on both a pre- and post-tax basis. Unsurprisingly, this continues to be a recurring trend as opposed to an isolated occurrence.

Save Hundreds in State Income Tax on Roth IRA Contributions: (The Finance Buff)
Find out if you qualify for the “deduct-and-convert”Roth IRA funding strategy, which could lower your state tax liability.

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