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Helping physicians use their money to live better lives.

We’re a fee-only firm providing comprehensive financial planning for physicians.

Helping young physicians and dentists find financial peace in their busy lives.

We’re a fee-only firm providing comprehensive financial planning and personal finance advice.


Financial Planning

Financial planning for physicians and dentists
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Investment Management

Integrating investments and financial planning
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Student Loan Advising

Student loan planning for young doctors
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Physicians under age 40 don’t have an estate plan



Young physicians consider themselves very knowledgeable about personal financial issues


Average Dollar Amount of Student Loan Debt for the US Medical School Class of 2015 Graduates



Daniel Wrenne

Located in Lexington, Kentucky, Wrenne Financial Planning is a fee-only firm providing comprehensive financial planning for physicians and dentists which includes necessary accountability, encouragement, and education along the way. Think of us as your financial trainer, consultant, and coach. We have over 40 years of combined experience providing financial advice professionally to physicians and other professionals.

  • Transparent pricing
  • No commissions or kickbacks
  • Fiduciary all the time
  • Physician specialists



Do you sell products?

No. We will provide advice on purchasing products and managing them appropriately however we will not be financially involved in those sales transactions in an effort to reduce conflicts of interest for our clients.

How are you compensated?

As a fee-only firm, all of our revenue comes directly from clients. We don’t receive any commissions, referral fees, or other incentive compensation from third parties. This reduces conflicts of interest and provides maximum transparency.

What is your typical process?

We utilize the CFP® Board’s financial planning practice standards. Click here for more information.

Who is your typical client?

We provide financial planning for physicians, dentists and business owners that are in their accumulation stage of life, meaning they are still working and looking for guidance as they save for the future.

How do I determine a financial advisor’s competency?

Look for specific designations that apply to the services you desire. The CFP® is the most rigorous and highly regarded financial planning designation. Look for experience and make sure they are providing customized advice.

Do you work virtually?

Yes, we currently provide financial planning for physicians and dentists in all 50 states.

What is the cost for me?

Our initial 30 minute consult is completely free. After that, it will depend on your circumstances and needs, and we will cover this in an initial consult meeting. For more information on our rates, click here.

How do I know I can trust your firm?

Trust is earned over time. We begin building the foundation early on with total transparency. Talk with us, ask tough questions, talk with our references and see where it goes. Trust is difficult but necessary in our business.

I am ready to have a conversation. How do we start?

Schedule an introductory conversation here using our online scheduler.


5 Physician Mortgage Loan Downsides You’ve Not Considered

5 Physician Mortgage Loan Downsides You’ve Not Considered

Physician mortgage loans tend to get sold as the best deal. They’re positioned as a no-lose product that you’d be crazy to pass on; all the benefits of traditional mortgages but without the big down payment and at no extra cost. Add in the special provisions designed specifically for physicians and you’ve got the swiss army knife of mortgage loans. Sound too good to be true?

The Complete Guide To Physician Mortgage Loans

The Complete Guide To Physician Mortgage Loans

On the surface, physician mortgage loans look great. No money down. No jumbo limits. No private mortgage insurance (PMI). Finally, it seems like a product exists to reward you for your time training to be a physician. After all, it’s been tough. For the past few...


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