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At the end of each month, we provide a list of finance-related articles to help keep you informed about the hot topics in finance. Here are some of the best articles we read in the month of December.

IRAs, RMDs, and the Crisis of Doctors with Too Much Money In Retirement(White Coat Investor).
Phil Demuth, PhD, explores the very real problem for physicians of having too much income in retirement as well as tax-planning strategies for how to most effectively prepare for it.

Ten News Stories that Offer Financial Lessons(Washington Post)
Everything from Prince’s death to the upcoming fiduciary rule. How ten of 2016’s biggest news stories taught us some very important lessons in finance.

20 Rules of Personal Finance(A Wealth of Common Sense)
A great list of rules to always keep in mind regarding your own personal finances. Everything from understanding the difference between salary and savings, to handling major purchases.

Diversification is No Fun(A Wealth of Common Sense)
The cyclical nature of the financial markets is perhaps their single most reliable aspect. For this reason, a truly diversified portfolio will always perform “worse” than the current cycles’ best performing asset class. It is important not to chase after the big performers, as these cycles will inevitably reverse.

Is Early Retirement Great? For Some, It’s Hard Work To Have Fun(New York Times)
Far too many people are counting down the days until they can retire from their careers. This article addresses the importance of life after retirement, and how it’s perhaps more important to retire to something, not just from something.

Tips for Understanding How Doctors Are Paid(Medical Economics)
Great read for doctors new to their careers, or unfamiliar with how exactly they are compensated. This article dives into the structure of compensation agreements and RVU’s and how to best inform yourself so that you can avoid making any costly mistakes with your next practice.

All Indexes Are Not Created Equal(Irrelevant Investor)
How is it that some indexes outperform others within the same asset class? Despite tracking similar indexes, not all funds maintain the same weighting across sectors. It is important to understand that one year’s performance in similar funds does not provide sufficient evidence as to which is superior. As with any investment, we should evaluate based on long-term performance.

What History Tells Us About Your Investments in 2017(Washington Post)
As we move into 2017, there are many prevailing narratives for what to expect in the coming year. This article provides some historical perspective for what we can expect as we enter the year under a new president, as well as a period of rising interest rates, among others.

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