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The Most Important Money Habits To Teach Your Children

Kids are like sponges. They’re ready to soak up whatever we’re willing to teach. Now is the time to be teaching our children about money.

Excess money mixed with lack of money maturity can ruin lives. At its extreme, money can be the difference between life and death.

Using Financial Failures To Move Forward

What if failures improved your chance of success? Everybody makes mistakes - this much is true. But are you failing forward after your mistakes? There's a great book by John Maxwell called Failing Forward. Maxwell believes "the difference between average people and...

The Right Way To Navigate Car Buying Decisions

Question: “I'm thinking about buying a car. Mine is getting pretty old (or boring). What should I be thinking about as I approach this decision?“ This is a question we get from clients all the time. And for good reason. People tend to throw money away on cars. I'll...

Using a Values-Based Lens to Identify Financial Blindspots

It's difficult to self diagnose your own problems. Especially the deep rooted issues. How many people with serious illnesses caused by their own choices show up at the hospital and say something like... "Hey Doc, I'm sick because I’m overweight and I’ve been smoking...

The True Cost Of The “No-Fee” 401k Rollover

You see the signs all over the place... "We Accept 401k Rollovers". Apparently people are taking banks and other financial institutions up on the offer to roll over their 401k into an IRA, otherwise they wouldn't advertise it. On the surface, it would appear this...

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