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Over the last year or so, Wrenne Financial Planning has been featured on several different websites, podcasts & articles. We thoroughly enjoy getting to share the story of how Wrenne Financial Planning came to be, and some of the hurdles faced along the way. We wanted to share a podcast we recorded with XYPN and an article we got to write for Michael Kitces’ website. Enjoy!

XYPN Podcast

“Today’s interview is with Daniel Wrenne, CFP and founder of Wrenne Financial Planning. Daniel was building a pretty solid book of business at Northwestern Mutual before ultimately deciding to branch off and start his own firm. Over the last ten months, he’s built and ran his business working primarily with physicians and business owners that are striving to save for the future.

This episode highlights what it takes to make the transition to starting your own firm. Daniel also shares an honest look at some of his successes and failures along the way. If you’re with an insurance company and find yourself wondering what your options are for going fee-only and starting your own an RIA, this episode is for you.”

Listen to XYPN Podcast Interview

Michael Kitces’ Article

One Insurance Agent’s Transition To Fee-Only RIA, In Just A Few Months…

Most adults I talk with still have no clue what they want to be when they grow up. I was lucky enough to figure that out pretty early in life. As a new college grad, I knew I wanted to help people with money. Financial Advising seemed like the perfect fit. After interviewing for a position as a Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual, I was offered the job and excitedly accepted. My income would be based on how much business I brought in – the sky was my limit. I was confident I could do anything, but also extremely ignorant (although I didn’t realize the latter). As a Finance graduate from the University of Florida, I thought I knew everything. Throw hard-headed and competitive on top of that and you had me in a nutshell (at 22).

You can read the rest of the article here

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