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Uncle Sam’s Retirement Matching Program For Residents

“The Retirement Savings Contribution Credit” - never heard of it, right?  This little known tax credit can provide further incentive to fund retirement plans for a segment of medical residents. Let's find out if you might qualify. What is this “Savers Credit”?The...

Selecting The Best Repayment Plan During Residency

Did you know there are 8 different federal loan repayment plans? The differences are confusing, yet very impactful. Given the stakes, it’s important to understand how your federal student loan repayment options work so you can select the best plan for your situation....

Should I Turn Down a Raise Because of My Tax Bracket?

NO. We get this question from clients quite often. It’s not always a direct question - sometimes we just pick up on the issue through comments made during meetings. But the topic comes up enough that we recognize there are some misconceptions about how our tax system...

5 Money Tips To Kick Start 2019

Happy New Year! This fresh start is a great time to set your goals for the upcoming year. Here are some ideas for resolutions, of course related to your finances, to get you started off on the right foot in 2019! Write Down Your Goals Start by brainstorming for a few...

PSLF Application Review

The long awaited PSLF application went live late last year! Just in time for the first round of PSLF applicants. We’ve finally started hearing confirmed reports of PSLF forgiveness actually being granted. So it’s officially not a hoax! This application is a big deal!...

How To Qualify For Public Service Loan Forgiveness

In light of the 99% denial rate for the initial wave of PSLF applicants, I thought it would be helpful to confirm exactly what is required to qualify: Qualified Loans You must have Direct non-parent Loans to qualify. FFEL, Perkins and Parent loans do NOT qualify! Keep...

4 Times You Should Not Refinance Student Loans

For many physicians, refinancing your student loans can seem like a no-brainer. If you aren’t going for PSLF, and can afford the payments, it makes sense to take advantage of the lower rates offered by refinance companies, rather than continue to let interest accrue at the expensive federal rates which can, in many cases, exceed 7%. However, the decision to refinance is not always this simple

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